In the period 2013-2014 Bodin was the responsible engineer in the development of TUROcontrol in Turoteknikk AS, a control system for maritime fire suppression systems with touch panel and push button interaction in/outside firezones. The system included control of pumps, valves, audio/visible alarms, interaction with customers IAS, smoke/flame detectors and more.

The development completed with a successful DnVGL approved system launch commissioned by Bodin on construction support vessel "Normand Reach", and a type approval (A-14046) one week later from the same class.

In the same period Bodin also created all relevant project templates regarding piping, mechanical and electrical engineering of maritime low pressure water mist fire suppression systems in the following segments:

- Car Ferries (Dangerous goods)
((Thermoshield/Monitor/Window Curtain))

- Acc (Accomodation areas)
((Cabins/Corridors/Public Space/Storage))

- LFL* (Low Flash Liquid)
((Monitor/High Velocity Nozzles/Pop Up))

- TF (Total Flooding) ((K6/F1))

- LP (Local Protection) ((K6))